The USSD Karate Difference: An Organization of Discipline

What sets USSD Karate apart from other dojos and self-defense gyms around the country? 

USSD, as the largest martial arts school in North America, teaches Kempo-style martial arts. It’s deeply steeped in the earliest beginnings of the style from 2000 years ago, and it is this history of fortitude, discipline, and inner strength that fuels the USSD organization today.

The Culture of USSD Karate

USSD is established in 1968 under the martial arts legend Professor Nick Cerio. The organization didn’t just carefully bring back to life the rich disciplines and history of Kempo karate but also built upon it. USSD karate puts a special emphasis on the same characteristics as its logo illustrates; the humble bonsai tree is more than what meets the eye. It is a symbol of wisdom, adaptability, truth, strength, character, and longevity.

It is these magnificent characteristics that make USSD so different. Using these virtues, the organization aims to bring students to a journey of their self-discovery, learning where their strength lies and how to defend themselves without causing harm to others. The goal is to lead students towards happy, healthy, and successful lives and careers.

USSD Karate’s Approach

The organization continues to pioneer techniques in teaching self-defense and martial arts for its students, guiding them in the pace that best fits their individual needs and interest. This unique method of self-defense system allows both beginner and veteran students to find the techniques that fit their abilities, limitations, and strengths.

Both beginners and veterans can opt for private training that lets them advance themselves at the best pace, with some going up to four times faster than with group lessons. Children will also receive specially tailored lessons that allow them to control themselves, responding in calm and disciplined ways, and instilling this behavior within themselves. Adults and teens will be able to learn martial arts in a way that will relieve their stress, increase their flexibility, and build their strength through discipline and coordination.

USSD karate is a culture set apart from the rest. Visit to learn more about them.