Why Being Active is Important for Healthy KC Families

One of the major qualities of healthy KC families is their focus on staying active. Regardless of the season, maintaining an active lifestyle is vital to overall family health. It’s not just kids that benefit from regular workouts or frequent outdoor excursions; even parents and teens reap some excellent benefits from a routine that involves movement.

Kids and teens benefiting from the activity

In the major stages of development in children and teenagers, regular activity is one of the biggest contributors in shaping their health and wellbeing. As children learn to refine their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, activity in the form of outdoor games, sports, and martial arts will allow them to fine-tune their movements.

Healthy KC families understand that kids will easily develop correct physical health habits through repeated exposure, especially if they see their older siblings and parents doing it as well. Teenagers, who are in the throes of puberty, will also need regular physical activity to fully develop muscles and bones as they grow into their adult bodies. Growing pains become a lot more tolerable when they can stretch and move, allowing their stature and build to develop properly.

Parents gain more from regular activity

As mentioned, kids typically take after parents’ own regular physical activities, which is why parents must remain active as well. Many working parents often have a sedentary lifestyle and not realize that they do so. This is why parents in healthy KC families ensure they set aside some time to work on their bodies and remain active. They can opt to turn it into a family event a few times every week (this could be done through playing a group sport, or a group workout), or work out for themselves during free time. Even something as simple as aerobic activity or taking up a new sport or martial arts can be enough for parents; it will lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as balance out blood sugar levels.

Healthy habits of physical activity are more easily instilled among family habits if done regularly. Two or more days a week of group physical activity can give a multitude of health benefits, not the least of which is building strength and endurance, along with keeping bones and muscles strong. Whether it’s outdoor jogs, cycling, or even learning a new sport as a family, healthy KC families aren’t just finding new ways to stay active; they’re gleaning all the wonderful benefits of it too, building a community of health-conscious family units.

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