Prairie Village Dojo


This Dojo is located in the Corinth Square Shopping Center in Prairie Village. The area has some of the hottest restaurants, shops, and services with the upscale amenities that Kansas City offers. If you are on the Kansas side this Prairie Village self-defense studio is for you.


At USSD, all of our Prairie Village self-defense studio instructors have completed a rigorous training program through the Martial Arts Academy. In addition to regularly participating in ongoing training, they must also complete an annual recertification process to continue teaching. USSD instructors do not teach the martial arts simply as a hobby: it is their passion and a full-time profession. At the same time, they are also students, continuously striving to improve their skills and expand their knowledge.

Our instructors here at the Prairie Village self-defense studio invite you to experience martial arts! Click now for a FREE LESSON on us.


United Studios of Self Defense offers all of our students ages 14 and under the opportunity to participate in our stars and stripes program!

How it works: Once per month (typically the last week of the month) during regular class times we will be going over the material that each student needs for their next rank.

  • When the student knows all of the basics (kicks, punches, blocks, etc…) for their rank then they will receive their first stripe to place on their belt and a star to place on their gi!
  • When the student knows all of the Defensive Maneuvers (DM’s) for their rank they will receive a second stripe to place on their belt and a second star to place on their gi!
  • When the student knows all of the forms for their rank, they will receive a third stripe and a third star to place on their gi!
  • Once the student knows all of the kempos for their rank and has all three stripes on their belt, the next step is to Practice! Practice! Practice! before your sensei presents them with a invitation to test for their next belt!

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